Thursday, March 2, 2017

Happy Texas Independence Day!

On March 2, we celebrate the birthday (rhetorically) of the greatest place on Earth: Texas.

I first began my lifelong passion with Texas history as a child, listening to Henry Guerra's legendary radio broadcast, "13 Days of the Alamo" on WOAI radio. Fortunately, they can all be heard via YouTube today. Here's the March 2 broadcast.

As I began my professional career, I began writing a yearly email every March 2 to remind my coworkers and friends about Texas Independence Day. Eventually, as I was deployed to Iraq, I turned this into a 4-part blog, starting with the early history of Texas and moving to the revolution itself.

Texas Independence - Part I  Details the Spanish Imperial collapse and the Gutierrez-Magee Expedition 


Texas Independence - Part II Enter Moses and Stephen F. Austin and the early colonization of Texas.


Texas Independence - Part III The Battle of Gonzales to the Battle of Bexar


Part IV: Revolution and Epilogue The Alamo and San Jacinto